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Ludwig Bercht

You are on the homepage of Ludwig Bercht, born in February 1945. After finalizing my university study with a PhD. on the chemistry of hemp I first found work as a chemist. The last 22 years I was a lobbyist for the Dutch Dairy Industry on items relating to food legislation and environment. Retired now.

My interest in cacti started in the beginning of the seventies of the last century. Member of the Dutch cactus society Succulenta from 1975. Also active in a local branch. My special interest in the genus Gymnocalycium was raised by a close contact with one of the members of my local branch. Later on it became more broad and nowadays it embraces the cacti of the whole South-American continent. Many fieldtrips to the finding places only widens my research on these cacti and resulted in several publications. Participant of many study and discussion weekends related to Gymnocalycium.

One of the major reasons to bring out a seed list is my wish to deliver good and pure seed material to cactus lovers. Most of the seeds have been harvested from plants in my own greenhouse (528 square metres). To make the list more complete some seeds have been donated by good friends.

You are always welcome to visit me. Please, contact me first. No sale of plants.